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Welcome to the Acacia Transitions program. This offering has been created exclusively by the professionals at Acacia Transitions to assist clients age 55 and older as they transition out of their current home and into a senior living community.

The Acacia Transitions program provides you a credit upon the sale of your home that you can use towards moving costs or perhaps hiring an organizer to help you pack and then unpack in your new home. We are happy to help arrange for only the services you need and to keep your cost and stress to a minimum. You may also choose to apply the credit to rent at your selected community.

Tell Me About The Credit

The credit is determined by the final sales price of your home.

Sales Price                                                                                Credit
$150,000-$199,999                                                                  $1,000
$200,000-$249,999                                                                 $1,500
$250,000-$299,999                                                                 $2,000
$300,000-$349,999                                                                 $2,500
$350,000-$399,999                                                                 $3,000
$400,000-$449,999                                                                 $3,500
$450,000-$499,999                                                                 $4,000
$500,000+                                                                                 $5,000

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Acacia Transitions, LLC. is not a licensed real estate entity. Please click the "Real Estate Services" link above to be directed to our preferred Real Estate agent site.  

Donald R. Smith is a licensed Realtor® with West USA Realty.

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